St Luke's Center for Senior Health and Wellness

Personal Health and Wellness Management


A Wellness Membership focuses on providing you with health confidence, health promotion, education, disease/illness prevention, resource referral, advocacy and wellness navigation.

Your Wellness Membership Benefits Include:

Personal Health & Wellness Coach with Initial Consultation

Your own Personal Health & Wellness Coach with Initial Consultation – Your membership provides a 30-minute Initial Consultation with your Health & Wellness Coach (HWC) to develop a personalized wellness plan.

Continuous Consultation with Your Personal Health & Wellness Coach

Every month your membership offers 15-minutes of Health & Wellness Management Consultation – you may call, video, email or meet in person. Consultation time not used each month may be rolled over to the next month. Maximum rollover consultation time is 60 minutes.

Exclusive Health & Wellness Education Resources and Groups

Free, low cost or insurance covered classes, workshops and support/ connection groups on health and wellness issues ranging from weight loss, diabetes care and caregiver support.

25% off Aging Life Care Services

10% off St. Luke’s Functional Medicine Visits

Functional Medicine seeks to fix or prevent the root cause of disease by working to restore the body to its optimum functional state – providing illness prevention and treatment as well as superior support against the negative effects of aging. To learn more about this integrated and holistic approach to medicine click here.

Monthly Newsletter

St. Luke’s Center for Senior Health and Wellness is a local, Moore County service. The newsletter provides members with the most up to date, relevant, insider healthcare/wellness news and information.

Membership Fee – $10 Per Month/Individual

Membership fee may be billed as pre-pay monthly or quarterly. Membership fee is not covered by insurance.