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A Coordination Membership focuses on providing care-planning and management for chronic illness or disability in addition to the Wellness benefits.

Your Coordination Membership Benefits Include:

All Wellness Membership benefits.

Aging Life Care Services

When dealing with illness or issues related to aging, our first natural step is to look to our primary care physicians for answers to questions and decisions. Physicians fundamentally validate the realities we are faced with and provide care and resources that heal and sustain us. Aging Life Care Services (Elder Care Management) is the next step.

An Aging Life Care Specialist is a non-medical provider connecting and coordinating care, offering guidance, recommendations, solutions and support to help manage the complexities and challenges of medical visits, home care, family caregiving, long-term care, hospitalization, specialists, insurance, finances, legal concerns, social/spiritual/community needs that go beyond a 15 minute physician visit or bedside consultation.

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Having affordable access to this much needed service is now possible with a St. Luke’s Center for Senior Health and Wellness Coordination Membership.

An Aging Life Care Initial Consultation and Assessment

An Aging Life Care Specialist meets with you and your family to begin the care planning process of assessing strengths, needs, resources and options. Together we seek and support solutions personalized to your goals and wellbeing.

50% off all Continuing Aging Life Care Service fees after Initial Consultation and Assessment.

Aging Life Care Services – $45/hour with a Coordination or Continuity Monthly Membership

$90/hour without a Coordination or Continuity Monthly Membership

Billed separately from membership. Aging Life Care Service fees are not covered by insurance. May be billed in 15 minute increments.

Caregiver Matching Program

Membership Fee – $50 Per Month/Individual or $95 Per Month/Couple

Membership fee may be billed as pre-pay monthly or quarterly. Insurance does not cover membership fee or Aging Life Care Services.

Chronic Care Management Services are covered by Medicare for qualifying patients. St. Luke’s Center for Senior Health and Wellness files patient insurance claims for Chronic Care Management. Providers are credentialed/participate with all Medicare, secondary and NC commercial plans.