St Luke's Center for Senior Health and Wellness

Personal Health and Wellness Management


A Continuity Membership focuses on advanced care management and advocacy across health settings and transitions in addition to the Wellness and Coordination benefits.

Includes Wellness and Coordination Benefits

St. Luke’s At Home – Open Enrollment

With a Continuity Membership you have the opportunity to get established with St. Luke’s At Home – Specialized/Enhanced Primary Care for the Older Adult.

St. Luke’s At Home is coordinated, continuous, primary care across settings and transitions including, hospital, rehabilitation, assisted living and nursing home.

St Luke’s At Home provides:

  • Primary Care (Internal Medicine)
  • Appointments that are not rushed. Communication and education are an integral part of care.
  • Patient participation as fully informed and engaged partners in their health needs and goals.
  • Specialty services such as bone health, diabetes care, chronic and medically complex disease management.
  • Medical visit flexibility and access – traditional office, telehealth, in home (for qualified patients), and hospital care.
  • User friendly medical innovation and technology.

Remote Physiologic Monitoring

St. Luke’s At Home utilizes Remote Physiologic Monitoring by providing patients in their home with devices such as digital blood pressure cuffs, blood glucose monitors, scales, pulse oximeters and thermometers that transmit data wirelessly to your provider.

Providing access to real time data allows for the patients and physicians to identify and intervene when closely monitoring chronic conditions.

Membership Fee – $65 Per Month/Individual or $95 Per Month/Couple

Membership fee may be billed as pre-pay monthly or quarterly.

Insurance does not cover membership fee or Aging Life Care Services.

Insurance does cover physician visits, Medicare Chronic Care Management and Remote Physiologic Monitoring.

St. Luke’s At Home files patient insurance claims. Providers are credentialed/participate with all Medicare, secondary and NC commercial plans.